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Sexy Six Sentences on my Current WIP, Tainted

Image courtesy of YaiSirichai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of YaiSirichai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My current WIP is Book 2 of the Addicted to Fang, TAINTED. This book is nice, because it follows Rick from Book 1, Intoxication. Several Reviewers have asked for Rick’s Story and here it’s a big one. Tainted is the first novel I’ve written that is a true love Menage a Trois. I’m just hoping I made it work. So here’s my sexy six sentences.

His hands cupped her ass. Hard finger pads dug into her flesh pulling her to him. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady her trembling body. He lifted her off the bar and slid her down his body until her heels touched the ground. He whispered in her ear. “You’re not wearing any underwear. Do you know how hot that is?”

What do you think? Tainted is still in the first draft stage, several revisions need to be done to complete the story. How many of you would like to have this done to you?



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Addicted to Fang: Intoxication and Bublish

Addicted to Fang: Intoxicaiton by Dena de Paulo

Available at Ravenous Romance!

One of my favorite sites out there for interfacing Readers with Authors. It’s Bublish. You can use the website as a reader or an author. It’s visually pleasing. For Addicted to Fang: Intoxication, I picked the one moment in the book when the Dominic sees Ella and realizes his control is paper thin.

Yes. The book cover defines this ancient vampire to a “T”. Bublish gives book covers and blurbs more than just an image and words. Bublish gives the author a chance to put an insight behind the excerpt.

It’s a great interface, smooth to use. Take a look at Addicted to Fang: Intoxication on Bublish. If you like it take it for a spin. I love it.

Now Available: Addicted to Fang: Intoxication


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