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Sexy Six Sentences of Painted with Pleasures

Painted with Pleasure by Dena de PauloThis Sunday Sexy Six sentences comes from the Award Winning Destination Novella, Painted with Pleasure, published by Wild Rose Press. This Novel was my first erotic romance and it opened my eyes and writing muse to a whole new fascinating genre. This novel holds my heart close. A few know my husband is from Spain and I’ve visited there many times. My favorite thing to do is sip on my Caffe con Leche and eat Churros. If you are in the mood to taste Spain. Then come and enjoy.

Six Sentences of Painted with Pleasure:

“Pardon me, Alejandro, but could you tell me how you crafted the artwork?” Victor asked.

Laurel Opened her month to object, but she couldn’t keep from noticing just how Alejandro’s pants hugged his cock like  a beacon.

He ran his hand through his shaggy brown hair as he looked around the room. His blue gaze pierced Laurel as he spoke, “There are many ways to start an orgasm and only one way to finish. These paintings are lovely examples of the journey to that one pivotal moment.” He let his gaze slide around the room, questioning everyone. “No?”

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Goals and the new year

It’s a new year everyone has made their resolution and I’ve procrastinated. But it’s new year and I’ve made a goal for myself. Well, one of many. 🙂 My main goal is a blog post a week.

Painted with Pleasure will be featured on Jan 21st on this hot and sexy blog for erotic romance Rachel Leigh Blog. And I’ll be giving away a copy of Painted with Pleasure. This amazing author’s homebase is in UK. So I hope to see all of you there. Totally sweet to be blogging here in NY and having it based in the UK. Today’s internet really given us the ability to be in touch with the world around us. It really is a small world after all.

With Painted with Pleasure on the market, I have a little bit of  time to figure out what I’m going to write next. It will be an exciting avenue of thought to say the least. Winter finally announced its presence to our hometown here with a vengeance. We went from 50 degree weather then twelve hours later six inches of snow. But I’m not complaining because the best time of year for my creative juices to flow is winter. There is something about cozy winter days that calls to seating in front of the computer with my cafe con leche and just typing. So bring on the snow. 🙂

Maybe my next erotic novel will have a hot snow scene in it. Could you image a couple heating up the snow? Perhaps two competition skiers are out in the snow and when a storm rolls in too fast. They are left out in the cold and have to find shelter… But they find that they are not only fighting for the trophy of cross-country skiing, but also they have been fighting the their mutual attraction and they find a way to stay warm through the snow storm. Ohhh. I love the stream of thought. Maybe I just found my inspiration for my next steamy novel.

I may have to tinker it a bit, but it’s a great potential spicy concept. 🙂

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A few of my favorite things

Just like the song says… I dedicate this blog to a few of my favorite things. It’s Friday a week before Christmas and I couldn’t resist. Call it what you would like, perhaps the DVD player has been on repeat for days. But it’s a must.

Raindrops on the back patio relaxes me, but nothing like a downpour of  big fat snowflakes. Something I share with my character, Laurel is my love of Spanish Coffee. A thick, rich espresso with warm sweet foamy milk. On the days when the weather is just too perfect to want to leave the desk, I love to sit and type away while sipping a large cup of java.

Chocolate is a must, I’ll tell a secret. Santa never forgets to leave a box of Chocolate covered cherries in my stocking, my evil addiction for the winter months. No wonder those extra pounds won’t drop.

Of course, family gatherings are the top of the blessing list. And I couldn’t be more happy than with the blessing of family this season.

But I must say the most favorite of all, is the fact that my Book, Painted with Pleasure is on Kindle. Googling my name and seeing my book on different websites is pretty sweet . It’s beyond amazing getting published, seeing my book cover, seeing my book for sale on the Wild Rose Press website, but there is something about seeing my book on Kindle. Maybe it’s because I buy off Amazon through my Kindle all the time. It’s so surreal, but still a great present for my Christmas holidays. This season has been a blessing, in many ways, and one of the coolest things is to see my book for sale.

So these are a few of my favorite things. I could go on and on, about the lovely Spanish accent when whispered gently against my skin, but that’s another blog. For now the list is good. Happy Holidays to all.

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