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First draft of Tainted…DONE

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s been a long path writing Tainted. When I wrote the first of the series, Intoxication, it took me less than a month to get the first draft down. The story purged from my imagination like chocolate from Wonka’s Chocolate river . Tainted took more time, more like months to get the first draft. But as I wrote that last sentence, I saved it everywhere, so afraid it would vanish from some cyber crash.

The good thing about it taking so long to purge this book from my mind is that as I am now going through it to polish it. I’m amazed. Amazed that this is my book. Have you ever reread your novel and think, “Holy crap. I wrote this. Really me?”

That is exactly how I feel. It’s not bad, it good. First and for most I’m an reader. I have always and will always been a reader. I may not have the time to read my average four books a week anymore, but I still have one on my tablet, and a print book on my nightstand and okay… I have an audio book I listen to when I can’t read.

So I’m polishing Tainted right now. Putting in the chapters, fleshing out the scenes, adding details that were overlooked. It’s fun to see the progress of what I created and how I can make it better. I have a few days to finish up the polishing then I’m going to send it a few beta readers, then to the editors. But the next book is on my mind. I have a brief outline mapped out and the characters in it. Coveted is my current WIP and after finishing Tainted, I may have a book in there following another character I introduced. Mmmm. So many options. Happy Typing.


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