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First draft of Tainted…DONE

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at

It’s been a long path writing Tainted. When I wrote the first of the series, Intoxication, it took me less than a month to get the first draft down. The story purged from my imagination like chocolate from Wonka’s Chocolate river . Tainted took more time, more like months to get the first draft. But as I wrote that last sentence, I saved it everywhere, so afraid it would vanish from some cyber crash.

The good thing about it taking so long to purge this book from my mind is that as I am now going through it to polish it. I’m amazed. Amazed that this is my book. Have you ever reread your novel and think, “Holy crap. I wrote this. Really me?”

That is exactly how I feel. It’s not bad, it good. First and for most I’m an reader. I have always and will always been a reader. I may not have the time to read my average four books a week anymore, but I still have one on my tablet, and a print book on my nightstand and okay… I have an audio book I listen to when I can’t read.

So I’m polishing Tainted right now. Putting in the chapters, fleshing out the scenes, adding details that were overlooked. It’s fun to see the progress of what I created and how I can make it better. I have a few days to finish up the polishing then I’m going to send it a few beta readers, then to the editors. But the next book is on my mind. I have a brief outline mapped out and the characters in it. Coveted is my current WIP and after finishing Tainted, I may have a book in there following another character I introduced. Mmmm. So many options. Happy Typing.


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Cosmos Hump Day… How to turn him on…

“Couple Making Love In Bed” by imagerymajestic

Cosmos… what would a girl do without their tantalizing articles? Mmmm. So many choices to do and so many things to think about. But I found a few that I could definitely write about. In their newest article on Cosmopolitan’s Sex/Love website, “30 Things to Do with a Naked Man.”

So many to choose from, so little time to speak on them all. Let’s go with my top three choices that would go in my current WIP….

Slide 7… Find his G-Spot. The only question is in my current WIP who will be stroking his g-spot?

Slide 12… Boss him Around. Yupp. this is a good one.

Slide 20… Taunt him. This paired with the near touch does speak loudly on paper. Love Taunting my characters. Adds a lovely tension to the plot line.

And for Honorable Mention… Slide 30…Make it a Quickie. This is featured in my current WIP. AND it is a hot scene.

Take a look at the article, see what you like and let me know what you would love to read about.

Read more: How to Turn Him On – How to Turn On a Man – Cosmopolitan

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Cosmo Hump Day…Sex Toys

Surfing the Cosmo Sex/Love articles and came across a goodie…  Sex toys you’ve got to try. Okay. I know right… why wouldn’t a naughty erotic writer not read this article. Let me tell you, yes I learn something new today. I just may have to put some of these fun toys in my next book.

So here are a few of toys that were novel worthy.
Bondage Tape

Bondage tape, sicks to only itself and not to your skin or hair. This holds so many possibilities in my stories. Of course when I saw this, my thoughts went to the third book in my series and the underground sex and blood clubs. This will be a great way cover and reveal skin and veins.

Me Vibe II

Me Vibe ii

The next one, Me Vib,  is interesting and could play nicely into a playfully naughty scene of stimulation. I’m still playing with the ideas,  but I think it would interesting to see a scene where the male is pleasing the female or more to the point the female is stimulating herself while the hero is watching. Love when inspiration strikes.

Babeland Official Store, BLND-3051 Lavish Nipple Clamps,

Lavish Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps. This is interesting because of all the different varies you can get in Nipple Clamps. Resently, I used nipple clamps in a short vampire bondage erotic novella for my publisher. In the novella, I used the run of the mill silver nipple clamps. Wish I would have done a more little digging, because these would have put more depth to my character.

There were many more sex toys to read about. Some could work for my novels, some not so much. But it sure is fun to be inspired. 😉

For more Sex Toys you’ve gotta try, read more at Cosmopolitian. Happy reading on Cosmo Hump Day.

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Falling Leaves Part 2

She knew she should say no. Hand him the cooler of blood and walk back to her car. But he was just too damn hot to turn down, especially the way his hair curled just below his ears. What was a little nibble anyway?

She took that last step unto the porch. “A little nibble.”

His smile spread across his face all the way to his eyes. Adding a little crinkle around the edges. “Let’s go inside beside the fire. At least enjoy the warmth.” He reached out his hand. She grasped it and followed him inside. High end stainless steel appliance grace on wall in a very modern kitchen while a rustic large roaring fire on the opposite wall. Deep couches framed the large fire place. Heat radiated from it, warming the chill off her cheeks.

She unzipped her jacket and slipped it off. She keep her gaze on the fire, anything but on the partially nude vampire beside her. But when he brushed up against her, she couldn’t resist a peek at his chiseled body. This was no gym rat body, but one of a hard-working-do-it-yourself man. Rough palms, strong biceps, and broad shoulders to kiss.

“May I?” He asked tilting her chin up, meeting his gaze.

“Yes.” Sarah croaked out. “Yes.”

His head bent, his breath moving over her chin. She mentally told her self to calm down, but her body was on fire. There was something about this vampire. He was beyond her every expectations.

His lips dragged along her pulse, back and forth. His lips hovered, teased. She wanted to scream, plead even for him to bite her. But she held her ground. Then his fangs slipped in to her neck. Delicately. Smoothly. She moaned in the pleasure of it. She gripped his shoulders, holding tight as his muscles twitched beneath her fingers. She felt his presence in her head and she smiled. He sent one thought through her body. One image. All heat and fire and as he took a pull on her neck she orgasmed. His rough fingers grasped her around the waist and he held her. He closed his fang marks with his tongue before he walked her to the couch.

“Thank you.” He said. In a blink he was gone and as Sarah blinked again, he handed her a glass of red wine and a good book.

She laughed. Her night ended just the way she wanted it after all.

Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop Nov 9th -12th

Thank you for coming back to read the rest of Sarah’s story and for participating in the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop. 

From November 9th through the 12th. This blog hop is comprised of over 200 author blogs and blogger across the internet. All sharing one thought in mind, the Autumn season and how it makes us all feel.

On my blog, I thought I would entertain you with a fresh new short story. I hope you enjoyed it. The Autumn Harvest Blog Hop is running some grand prizes and swag prizes over the weekend. Only the swag prize is for US addresses only. To be eligible, please leave a comment with your emails address in the comment section.

On this blog, I’m giving away two prizes to randomly comments over the coarse of the blog hop. $10 gift Card to either Barnes and Nobles or Amazon. To be eligible, please leave a comment below with your email address in the comment so we can find you.

Now for an except from my newest release: Intoxication: Addicted to Fang Book 1.


Addicted to Fang: Intoxicaiton by Dena de Paulo

Available at Ravenous Romance!

Clothes flew over her head and landed in the pile on the bed
as Ella Hustad struggled to pull the little black miniskirt out of the
bottom of the closet. “Finally,” she mumbled as she stood holding

the slippery little skirt. She pressed the small piece of cloth to her
body and peered at her reflection in the mirror.
“Kate!” Ella shouted through the open door. “I need some
Staccato footsteps clicked down the hallway. “Seriously, you’re
not dressed yet?” Kate Berry said just as she rounded the doorway.
She froze, gasped, then turned around.
Ella caught a glance of her normal bar outfit of stilettos, short
shorts, and a black tank top with the words, The Bar stitched across
her generous breasts. Her long blond hair sat in a high ponytail that
swished from side to side.
“You could have warned me you’re naked. Damn, Ella. We
need to open The Bar now, and you don’t have a thing on!”
Ella dropped the skirt, picked up the floor fan, and held it up to
her breasts. “You don’t understand. I’m burning up. Like it’s summer with no air conditioning.”
Sighing, Kate moved into the room, pushed the clothes off the
corner of the bed, and sat on the edge. She darted a glance at Ella
before she searched the mound on the bed, then pulled out a silver
tank top and threw it in Ella’s direction. “Do you feel sick?”
“No, but my skin is crawling. I have more energy than should
be legal. Hell, I killed the batteries in my dildo again.” Ella pulled
on the tank and looked down. “I feel like I’m going to explode,
like I’m in heat or something.”
“Again.” Kate rolled her eyes. “And you’re acting like you
were you biologically induced with feline hormones or paranormal
“You never know.” Ella grabbed the skirt from the floor and
tugged it on. “Maybe I have X-files imprinted in my DNA.”
“Right.” Kate grabbed the hairspray from the dresser, and
moved toward Ella.

Available at:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All romance ebooks, And Ravenous Romance

Click to continue on the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop.
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Autumn Harvest Blog Hop coming tomorrow

Hello all.

I love this time of year, crisp blue skys, chilly fresh air and the crinkle of leaves beneath my feet. What more could you love about it. Well, I found something to make us all love Autumn more. It’s the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop running from November 9 through the 12th. Come on over and visit over 200 blogs at the click of a button.

Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop Nov 9th -12th

Here are the details:

What do you love about Autumn and Fall? What does it remind you of? What about reading? Do you think it’s a good subject to read? Tell us your favorite Autumn stories! Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Autumn stories and why we love snuggling in the cold.  *wink* Starting on Friday Nov. 9th and ending on Nov 12th, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love. 

And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that’s not all….

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times! 

Now what are those prizes? 

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains 10+ paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

To top it off, to celebrate in the fun, I’ll be giving away a $10 Gift Card to either Barnes and Nobles or Amazon to a randomly drawn commenter on the 9th and on the 11th. So come back and enjoy the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop.

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LCRW Conference Featuring Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer CEO Cool Gus Publishing

On November 9 and 10th Bob Mayer and Jen Talty with Cool Gus Publishing will be in Rochester, NY speaking at the LCRW conference Write it Forward. It will be an small intimate conference with Bob Mayer speaking on the craft of writing and Jen Talty on the digital process.

The last time Bob came to western NY, I learned so much. So much. That if it weren’t for his workshop of craft I would still be unpublished and revamping my WIP over and over. now I have two indie published novels under my belt and working on the next.

Understanding the digital process is what I’m really excited to hear about. Right now in my career it’s what I lack in expertise. I believe I have my writing life organized, but you know it’s not 100%, but I’m happy to embrace the purge writer in me. Could I be more organize… Hell ya. Am I going to worry about it, right now? Nope. It works for me right now. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But I’m sure when I hear Bob speak on writing… I may have to adjust my idea of not fixing it. Hopefully it will just spur me on to be better.

So here is to can’t wait for the conference, to learn more and to make myself better.

For more information:

Bob Mayer, Jen Talty, Cool Gus Publishing, LCRW, Write on Rochester Conference.

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What type of #Bookcover do you want to see?

Much debate has been had over what type of erotic book cover the average reader would like to see. From the current market sales it looks like the new mainstream model is the simplistic type following along the guide lines of 50 Shades of Grey. Most of the top erotic romances on the top 100 have similar book covers with little flesh so obviously apparent.

I’ve asked many new readers to the genre, thanks to 50 shades, what they would pick up to read on their e-readers or in book form and across the board, they are looking for book covers that are NOT overly sexual in nature. They want something you won’t know it’s naughty if you saw the cover. They don’t mind say… two people entwined if the cover was washed over with a color so you had to really look at it tell it was entwined lovers.

They are coming from the stand point of being mothers, wives, daughters, of being private. Yes, our general acceptance of nude images have changed over the years, but we are still puritans at the heart and what some dignity. There has been many conversions over the summer of 50 shades from everyone, book clubs, pool side, vacation… heck everyone had an opinion. One reader told me she was at the beach and on just about every towel was a “Grey” book. She said if the cover was more sensational it probably won’t have been that way.

So do the reader’s really want the simplistic covers that don’t advertise the sexual aspect as fully? I think so. I happened to be in Target the other day and stopped in front of a book end cap. Just to test this theory, all  the books on that end cap were erotic romance, but not one had people, body parts or anything other that could be seen as sexual on the covers. The covers where basic drab colors with an single tangible item on the front, ie…  cuff links, ties… Some covers were just of satin texture with the title of the book and the name of the author.

Even USA Today did a fabulous article, Publishing world is turned on by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ By Deirdre Donahue,    on the how 50 Shades has changed the publishing world. Personally, I think it’s just helped the erotic genre adapt to mainstream, in a more acceptable visible way. The genre is still high octane living on the edge of sexual heaven, but it’s helped our puritan mindset with a more acceptable book cover.

What are your thoughts? Do you mind seeing the flesh covered, explicit covers or do you prefer the more simplistic plain covers?

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My cup from Cozy, Sexy and Deadly.

Fall is here. The school bus picked up the little ones and I have to say, it’s bittersweet. I love spending time with them but so nice to focus on my writing. And writing I have been doing. I’m working on my second paranormal erotic romance and revising my first.

But I must celebrate a lot…. My critique partners, Cozy, Sexy and Deadly have been oh so busy all summer. Cozy, Ms. Rita Oberlies had her newest contemporary romance published by Entangled this year, must praise for you.

Second Chances

Deadly, Ms. Jen Talty on the Top 100 chart at Barnes and Nobles list at #10  with her novel, Dark Water. With her second novel In Two Weeks breaking the Top 100 at #91. I must bow down to these wonderful multi-published romance author. Truely wonderous women.

Book Cover Image. Title: Dark Water, Author: Jen Talty

Now onto the Sexy… Back in April at the New England Romance Writers Conference, I pitched 10 Pages of my Paranormal Erotic Romance to Ms. Lori Perkins at Ravenous Romance. And She snatched it up, offered me a contract on the first ten pages. The announcement at the conference was beyond words, I don’t think I spoke at first then it took time for my brain to catch up with reality. At one point, I looked at Cozy and said… “She really bought it on 10 Pages. Right.” Cozy’s lips stretched into a full one grin. “Yes, sweetie she did.”

The best praise was when Lori tweeted she just bought a book on ten pages a cross between Charlaine Harris and Trinity Blacio. I was stunned to say the least.

The reason for my celebration this week is, I just signed the contract and mailed it in. I’m a Ravenous Writer now.  So far this has been a brilliant season for us, Cozy, Sexy and Deadly. We are taking on the world one word at a time. For me, I couldn’t have done it without the support of some amazing talented ladies. My hats off to you.

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Excitement In Salem, MA

Wow. Can I say it again… WOOWSER.

I entered Painted with Pleasure in the Bean Pot Readers Contest hosted by the New England Chapter of RWA. This annual contest is well known throughout the romance community. All entries are read by readers, booksellers or librarians. There are ten categories based on genre and novel length.

Painted with Pleasure is in the Novella Category because of the novel length and not genre. So it went up against all genres in the 20k to 50k novel length and…. It’s a finalist.

I’m a finalist. Now I get to go to the NECRW’s Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference to find out my placement, first, second or third. Dress up in my Tiara and hit the evening gala. Not to mention, Painted with Pleasures cover and blurb will be shown to all Friday night. And..And It will be announced in the RWA Magazine in either the June or July copy.

It only gets better, because I had been eyeing this conference for some time. Some of my favorite authors have either keynote or workshops. It’s going to be huge. And I can’t wait.

Salem, MA. Here I come.


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Guest blogging on Saturday.

Excitement is mounting as the promotion for my book continues. Right now, I’m guest blogging to promote Painted with Pleasure. Without stamping my passport, I’ll be in the UK. How cool is that?

Rachel Leigh blog is an erotic romance blog featuring erotic romance authors. This week she has Desiree Holt! , a multi-published erotic romance author with Ellora’s Cave, guest blog. And many other erotic author’s guest blog. For me, this is a little surreal. I’ll have a blog spot on the same blog with many of the author’s I’ve read. Talk about amazing.

So I would love all of you to come over to Rachel’s blog, on January 21, 2012 and see my promo spot. You can win a free copy of Painted with Pleasure by leaving a comment. Hope to see you there.

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