Sexy Six Sentences of Painted with Pleasures

Painted with Pleasure by Dena de PauloThis Sunday Sexy Six sentences comes from the Award Winning Destination Novella, Painted with Pleasure, published by Wild Rose Press. This Novel was my first erotic romance and it opened my eyes and writing muse to a whole new fascinating genre. This novel holds my heart close. A few know my husband is from Spain and I’ve visited there many times. My favorite thing to do is sip on my Caffe con Leche and eat Churros. If you are in the mood to taste Spain. Then come and enjoy.

Six Sentences of Painted with Pleasure:

“Pardon me, Alejandro, but could you tell me how you crafted the artwork?” Victor asked.

Laurel Opened her month to object, but she couldn’t keep from noticing just how Alejandro’s pants hugged his cock like  a beacon.

He ran his hand through his shaggy brown hair as he looked around the room. His blue gaze pierced Laurel as he spoke, “There are many ways to start an orgasm and only one way to finish. These paintings are lovely examples of the journey to that one pivotal moment.” He let his gaze slide around the room, questioning everyone. “No?”

Painted with Pleasure is available where ebooks are sold.


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