LCRW Conference Featuring Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer CEO Cool Gus Publishing

On November 9 and 10th Bob Mayer and Jen Talty with Cool Gus Publishing will be in Rochester, NY speaking at the LCRW conference Write it Forward. It will be an small intimate conference with Bob Mayer speaking on the craft of writing and Jen Talty on the digital process.

The last time Bob came to western NY, I learned so much. So much. That if it weren’t for his workshop of craft I would still be unpublished and revamping my WIP over and over. now I have two indie published novels under my belt and working on the next.

Understanding the digital process is what I’m really excited to hear about. Right now in my career it’s what I lack in expertise. I believe I have my writing life organized, but you know it’s not 100%, but I’m happy to embrace the purge writer in me. Could I be more organize… Hell ya. Am I going to worry about it, right now? Nope. It works for me right now. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But I’m sure when I hear Bob speak on writing… I may have to adjust my idea of not fixing it. Hopefully it will just spur me on to be better.

So here is to can’t wait for the conference, to learn more and to make myself better.

For more information:

Bob Mayer, Jen Talty, Cool Gus Publishing, LCRW, Write on Rochester Conference.


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