Nanowrimo, Is here

Nanowrimo is here again. It’s November and I’m determined to get this novel written in for this goal. It’s the third in the series. I know why would I write out of the order?

The answer is the muses are screaming to be written. Beside I made a pack with myself to write Jayden’s story for Nanowrimo. I’m hoping for about 60,000 words. I just need to glue my butt to the chair and write. If I can get about 15,000 a week. I would make it in four weeks. Yes it’s beyond ambitious. But if you don’t dream big, you can’t reach for the stars.

This week, up until November 1st I’ll be doing a small outline (about six sentences) build my collage of what my characters look like. Get the setting in place, I already have the main conflict and idea and I’ll be ready to let it rip on November 1st.

I’ve already registered for Nanowrimo, have you? Want to be writing buddies… my handle is easy: Dena de Paulo. See ya there.

For more Information:

Nanowrimo, Addicted to Fang.



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2 responses to “Nanowrimo, Is here

  1. Good luck with Jayden’s story, Dena! I’m in too and added you as a buddy. Let’s get this done! 🙂

    • I’ll look you up. I’m excited to be doing NaNoWriMo this year. Made a Pinterest board for Coveted, which is Jayden’s story. Can’t wait. Here’s to a funtastic NaNo!

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