Addicted to Fang: Intoxication and Bublish

Addicted to Fang: Intoxicaiton by Dena de Paulo

Available at Ravenous Romance!

One of my favorite sites out there for interfacing Readers with Authors. It’s Bublish. You can use the website as a reader or an author. It’s visually pleasing. For Addicted to Fang: Intoxication, I picked the one moment in the book when the Dominic sees Ella and realizes his control is paper thin.

Yes. The book cover defines this ancient vampire to a “T”. Bublish gives book covers and blurbs more than just an image and words. Bublish gives the author a chance to put an insight behind the excerpt.

It’s a great interface, smooth to use. Take a look at Addicted to Fang: Intoxication on Bublish. If you like it take it for a spin. I love it.

Now Available: Addicted to Fang: Intoxication



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2 responses to “Addicted to Fang: Intoxication and Bublish

  1. I’d never heard of Bublish. I checked the link. Your page looks great. I might have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

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