Pro Pin from RWA

RWA Pro Pin by Deb Diez

Wow, what a week. Since Ravenous Romance sent me the contract, I’ve been through some revisions and just got a sneak peek of the book cover for Intoxication, Addicted to Fang Book 1 this past week. And it’s hot. Not to mention I got a publication date Tuesday Oct. 23, 2012.

A couple weeks ago, I sent in my Pro applications because Intoxication is a full length novel among other things making me eligible for the title, RWA Pro. I received my pin this week, in the mail. I can’t stop the smile from creeping across my face. I’ve been apart of the Romance Writers America for years now. Eveyone wants to get the Pro pin and the PAN pin. We’ll see about the PAN pin, it’s a goal of mine and one I will work to achieve. But first I’m happy to have my Pro pin. I’m proud of achieving it on a positive note, a contract on a category length novel.



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2 responses to “Pro Pin from RWA

  1. Congratulations, Dena! It’s a milestone on your road to success!

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