#Writers Conference with @BobMayer in #ROChester 2012

Writer's Conference Guide

Cool Gus Publishing, Writer’s Conference Guide

Bob Mayer came to CNYRW in 2009 and did the Warrior Writer Conference. It was one of those conference that really lights the fire under your ass. His strong approach to speaking really forced me to look at my writing and tweak it.

At the time, Bob was on the top of the NY Times best selling list with Jenni Cruise with they he-said-she-said romance writing, with books like Angus and the Hitman and Don’t look Down. He was also off and running with a factual fiction story just in the outlining stage. He showed us how he organized his time. How he worked through his ideas… Hell, his excel spreadsheet scared the pants off this pantser for sure. And not in the yummy way. 😉

But what Bob’s workshop taught me, was if I’m going to be a writer, then own it, write. Put yourself out there. Make it work. It doesn’t matter what your genre of Choice is, if you are writer then set your goals and meet them. Only you can put your words on paper.

So in anticipation for learning new things from Bob Mayer in the upcoming conference Write it Forward: Everything a Writer needs from Craft to Publication in Rochester, NY by the LCRW writer’s group on November 9&10, 2012. I’ve found this slideshow… Writer’s Conference Guide. Thank you Cool Gus Publishing for all you have done for the writer’s community. You guys rock.

For more info.:

LCRW  (For registration forms, pamphlets and workshop details)

Bob Mayer    and    Bob Mayer’s Blog

Cool Gus Publishing


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