Cosmo Hump Day, Amping up sex scenes

Intimate Couple In Action, by imagerymajestic

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For the past few weeks, I’m finding myself surfing Cosmo’s website. It’s helping me define some of the sex scenes I’ve written so far in my WIP. This book is forcing me out my comfort zones. It’s my first true menage book. And it’s an erotic romance. Not only do I have to get all three together, they have to bond, form connections… true connections. These scenes have to move their relations, and the plot forward. I can’t just have it there, just for the fun of it. Right????

Right. So from time to time I’m take a deeper look into the mechanics of the sex scene trying to add that heightened emotion into it while amping up the sexual tension. I found some great ideas on Cosmo. I just finished a scene this past weekend when I checked out the Sex/Love section on Cosmo’s website. The article was Things to say in bed. Clicking through the seven slides, I hit one that screamed my characters. Adding a similar saying into the scene put that heightened tension into the scene. I can’t believe how simple one sentence can take the scene up so much.

Wow. So I’m creating my Cosmo Hump Day on the blog. Just for the little things in Cosmo that inspire me to take my scenes that extra distance. The articles remind me to add that extra bit of reality into the written fantasy.


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