Painted with Pleasure and #Bublish

Ever heard of Bublish? I hadn’t until I read a twit from Jen Talty and Bob Mayer with Cool Gus Publishing. I had to check it out. I was mildly surprise. Okay… I loved it. And I had to put Painted with PleasureThe visuals are amazing. And it’s Free. It’s for Authors and Readers. The concept is to give reader’s a chance to see Author’s work including their inspiration for either the book or a scene. It’s a great way to connect the author to the readers. Allowing readers to check out all books from the author and their inspirations. It feels more personable. Did I say I love it?

Of course, it send out twits marketing the author’s book. Typically using a catchy sentence from the except. My favorite twit from Bublish on concerning Painted with Pleasure is:

Bublish @BublishMe14h


“Some people were in leather and chains, some in khakis and polos.” New@denadepaulo

How many of you are on Bublish? If you are, tell me about it, I would love to see your books or your thoughts.



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2 responses to “Painted with Pleasure and #Bublish

  1. This sounds so interesting. I’ll have to check out the site. My question is, if pictures are involved, do we have to be careful of copyright concerns?

    • As with everything copyrights do exist. As for personal portraits you should be fine as long as you have permission to use the photo. As for the books, this a promo site, the excerpt is the approved one from the publisher as well as the cover. Just give the kudos where they belong.

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