Stuck in between a hard place and a much harder place. :)

Writing for me is like purging the story from my imagination. Once the process starts, thousands of words can flow in a giving hour of time. But when my imagination says hold up buddy… I’m stuck.

I’ve been stuck for a while now. But this past week, I joined my local RWA chapter’s motivation book in a week. And well. I’ve written over 8,000 words. It’s great, but I’ve once again found myself stuck in a scene. It’s a love scene between two vampires and one human. This shouldn’t be that hard ūüėČ of a scene, but it really is, because my books¬†revolve¬†around the romance. And in this triangle not all three of them are in Love with each other, but they are¬†definitely¬†in high LUST with each other.

Years ago, I took a workshop about writing sex scenes from, it opened my eyes to a new way of understanding sex scenes. Sex scenes are like any other scene, the key is they must move the plot line along or what is the purpose. Yeah… Lust, Love and hot sex… must move the plot line along. Ummmm. Pulling brain straight out of the gutter, shaking it off and shoving it back in my head.

Now you see why I’m stuck between a hard place and much harder place. I need to move the story along, but my muse is screaming they need to have sex, and I don’t just want them to have sex for sex sake. Now, I’m stuck right where the 3rd party comes in and sees the loves of his life engaged horizontally.

I need to make this scene over the top, but they gotta get it on, so should I go the jealous route, the jump right-on-in route, or the drama-king route or something I haven’t imaged yet.

The scene is on fire, the couples are new to each other. They need time to bond. Maybe the 3rd shouldn’t come in, but I love over the top drama. And it adds a little conflict.

Time to get writing, and hopefully my muse will come out and play. I’m willing to hear any and all suggestions.;)

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