Reaching for the numbers

It’s getting naughty up in here. I’m reaching for my new writing goal, in the next two weeks I want to write 20k.Like I can go to the store and pick up 20,000 words. Yeah right.

My conflict… I’m a stay at home mom, with two really active tweens. Between all the taxi driving I put in the day, I have to find at least two full hours a day to devote to only writing. Not exercising, cleaning, volunteering, but writing. And it’s not just normal romance, it the dirty, naughty kind of romance. It’s the edge of spanking hot romance. Not something I can write with tweens looking over my shoulder asking what does “cock” mean?

So here I must focus my energy on my writing. And just do it. Firmly plan my brain in the gutter and let my muse run free. Here’s to 20k in two weeks. 


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