I can say I’m an Award Winning Author

My critique partners and I drove from Western NY to Salem, MA this morning, a gorgeous drive with great company. The NECRWA conference started on a great note, I attended Jen Talty’s workshop on Conference Guide and Pitches Friday night. Fantastic stuff. Really got me thinking again about where I really want my writing career to be in the next five years. As well as helping me relax about giving the my pitch I have scheduled with Lori Perkins tomorrow. 

But the best part of the night is the announcement that I won the novella category with Painted with Pleasures. It’s now an award winning novel.This is my debut novel. The first to be published and I won the Bean Pot Contest. I so did not see this coming and I’m beyond thrilled. As they announced the 3rd, and 2nd winners, I looked at my CP completely stunned. I think I even asked. Is that mine? Really. I won.

So thank you, everyone who has supported me through all my writing trials!   And thank you Rita Oberlies and Jen Talty for celebrating this award with me. We rocked those Tiaras!


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One response to “I can say I’m an Award Winning Author

  1. Patti Mann

    Way to go Dena! Congratulations. How nice to be able to attend with close friends. Good luck on your pitch. You’ll do great.

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