Excitement In Salem, MA

Wow. Can I say it again… WOOWSER.

I entered Painted with Pleasure in the Bean Pot Readers Contest hosted by the New England Chapter of RWA. This annual contest is well known throughout the romance community. All entries are read by readers, booksellers or librarians. There are ten categories based on genre and novel length.

Painted with Pleasure is in the Novella Category because of the novel length and not genre. So it went up against all genres in the 20k to 50k novel length and…. It’s a finalist.

I’m a finalist. Now I get to go to the NECRW’s Let Your Imagination Take Flight Conference to find out my placement, first, second or third. Dress up in my Tiara and hit the evening gala. Not to mention, Painted with Pleasures cover and blurb will be shown to all Friday night. And..And It will be announced in the RWA Magazine in either the June or July copy.

It only gets better, because I had been eyeing this conference for some time. Some of my favorite authors have either keynote or workshops. It’s going to be huge. And I can’t wait.

Salem, MA. Here I come.



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3 responses to “Excitement In Salem, MA

  1. I’m still smiling over your news 🙂 Mega congratulations!

    • DD

      Thanks. I’m still celebrating. So much, I had to go to the gym today so I don’t fall behind with all these orange cookies and banana splits. 🙂

  2. So exciting!!!!!! I can’t wait! I will repeat what Rita said “mega congratulations!”

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