My novel, Painted with Pleasure has some reviews posted. And I can’t believe how giddy I am over them. Reviews are one of those things that I knew I would happen, but reality of them hadn’t sat in yet. Now, I have two and I’m giddy. Words seem to fail at how I feel. I feel like jumping up and down and shouting to the roof tops. Ok… so words don’t really fail me.

The first Review is from The Romance Studio giving Painted with Pleasure 4 hearts. It was just spectacular to see the work I’ve done received good reviews. Thank you Amy Hopkins for your review.

Today, a new Review came in and it thrilled me to my core. The Romance Review gave me 4 out of 5 stars. Erinne got my book, the setting… the passion of the book. Thank you so much. So happy with the reviews. I can’t be anymore happy.

Time to get to creating the next novel… Brainstorming here I come.


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  1. What fantastic news Miz Dena. Those reviews are well deserved. Make sure to come back to earth so we can see a other book soon.

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