Goals and the new year

It’s a new year everyone has made their resolution and I’ve procrastinated. But it’s new year and I’ve made a goal for myself. Well, one of many. 🙂 My main goal is a blog post a week.

Painted with Pleasure will be featured on Jan 21st on this hot and sexy blog for erotic romance Rachel Leigh Blog. And I’ll be giving away a copy of Painted with Pleasure. This amazing author’s homebase is in UK. So I hope to see all of you there. Totally sweet to be blogging here in NY and having it based in the UK. Today’s internet really given us the ability to be in touch with the world around us. It really is a small world after all.

With Painted with Pleasure on the market, I have a little bit of  time to figure out what I’m going to write next. It will be an exciting avenue of thought to say the least. Winter finally announced its presence to our hometown here with a vengeance. We went from 50 degree weather then twelve hours later six inches of snow. But I’m not complaining because the best time of year for my creative juices to flow is winter. There is something about cozy winter days that calls to seating in front of the computer with my cafe con leche and just typing. So bring on the snow. 🙂

Maybe my next erotic novel will have a hot snow scene in it. Could you image a couple heating up the snow? Perhaps two competition skiers are out in the snow and when a storm rolls in too fast. They are left out in the cold and have to find shelter… But they find that they are not only fighting for the trophy of cross-country skiing, but also they have been fighting the their mutual attraction and they find a way to stay warm through the snow storm. Ohhh. I love the stream of thought. Maybe I just found my inspiration for my next steamy novel.

I may have to tinker it a bit, but it’s a great potential spicy concept. 🙂


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