Today is my release date.

Today is my release date for Painted with Pleasure from The Wild Rose Press. It’s exciting. From first scene I wrote till today, it has been a journey I’ll never forget. this weekend I’ll be blogin over at Wild Women Blog to celebrate the release date of my book. Come join me. Either on the blog or come and check out my book at:
Here’s the blurb:

Laurel Stevens’s professionalism has earned her the opportunity to orchestrate one of Spain’s most important art events of the year. She needs the Lunera Exhibition to go off without a hitch, to assure her dream position back home in the States. But when sexy Spanish artist, Alejandro Lunera, introduces her to desires she’s never known, she’s tempted to risk everything she’s worked for to spend one night in his arms.

Alejandro has built his career celebrating the sensual side of women through paint, but he’s tired of the clientele his work attracts. He needs a new direction…a new muse. And he’s found her. The intriguing Laurel rekindles his passion for color and inspires him to create again…to paint the woman of his dreams.

Can Alejandro convince Laurel to choose the passion and love he offers, or will their time together become no more than a moment painted with pleasure?










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  1. pattimann


    Congratulations on the publication of your first book. I’m so proud of you, as well as envious. You’re life seems busier than mine and you still managed to get your revisions completed and your manuscript submitted.

    The outside job outlook is promising right now. The feeling of accomplishment is spurring me to get my writing life organized. Hence, the update of my webpage and blogs.

    Looking forward to more of your hot romances.

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