Writing Sex! What me?

I never thought the day would come that I would sit down and write an erotic romance much less submitting the story.

Typically, writing fiction is hard, but writing erotic is a test on a writer’s senses.  Making sex drive the plot, emotions drive the sex and hopefully, in the end you have more than just porn on the page, but something to be proud of…so to speak. A story with a happily ever after.  So I find my stories are more in the Erotic Romance Category.

I’m still feeling my way through this process, but I can’t just let it sit and stir, I need to write. Thinking outside of the box is how I found my way to writing erotic romance.  My critique partners dared each other to write a short erotic romance, think outside the box. Focus on the characters, and how they get together.

Now a year later, my story is in the bows of a e-Publishing editor pool and I’m happy. Really happy. So back to writing on my current WIP.



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2 responses to “Writing Sex! What me?

  1. I too have tried my hand at erotic fiction, and you’re right: it is often about finding how to end up with more than just porn.

    As for your self-publishing endeavor, not as an editor, but as a concerned lover of words, I implore that you hire an editor before you put your novel out there if you’re serious about getting it read…or rather, if you’re serious about getting it read and having it liked! 🙂

    (I found quite a few errors in your post; I know you didn’t give this post as much attention as you gave your erotic fiction, but still, even if I had found no errors, I’d still whole-heartedly recommend an editor.)

    Anyway, good luck with all you do!

    • DD

      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.
      Don’t worry, I’m not ready to Self-Publish that’s why I went with a Romance E-Publisher. I should be hearing back from my editor any day now.
      Cross your fingers. 🙂

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